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Hypnosis Workshops with Nancy "Ace" Ava Miller, MEd, CHt

Tuesday, February 24

Get Hip to Hypnosis: Adventures in Meditation, Relaxation, and Trance

Monday, March 2

More Hip to Hypnosis: Continued Adventures in Meditation, Relaxation, and Trance


Location: PEP Office, 149 Jackson St NE, Suite 6, (rear West entrance) ABQ, NM 87108
3 blocks West of San Mateo, 1 block North of Central (SW Corner of Jackson and Copper NE)

Cost: $10/person per workshop
Attending Both? $15/total for two workshops

Curious about you? –The inner self?

Enjoy this tranquil journey into what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls that “infinite reservoir of creative intelligence” within each of us, the blissful heart of transcendence and calm from which all thought and activity arise. Hypnotherapist and certified Transcendental Meditation (TM) teacher Nancy Ava Miller will shepherd the class through simple, natural, and effortless mental exercises, allowing attendees to slip into a state of deep repose. Seminar participants can then utilize these easy techniques at home to achieve profound rest plus a sense of greater fulfillment, awareness, energy, and health. Nancy will also discuss the escapades which led her to get “hip to hypnosis”!

Won’t you join Nancy for a voyage into the realm of hypnotic trance? Languid and lively! Transformative and fun!

Who Is Nancy Ava Miller?

In addition to expertise in hypnosis and meditation, Nancy is a renowned sex educator who for years traipsed throughout the United States, creating acclaimed support groups (PEP—People Exchanging Power) for men and women with colorful sexual fetishes. Her award-winning book Pervert: Notes from the Sexual Underground documents—via poems, paragraphs, and pictures—Nancy’s romp in that erotic and verboten netherworld. Since the 1950s, hundreds of Nancy’s articles, poems, stories, and photos have appeared in various newspapers and magazines. Born and raised in the DC area and a graduate of University of Maryland, Nancy taught public school from 1970-79. Today Nancy, when not presenting at speaking engagements, meanders the hills around her remote mountain home in New Mexico where she resides with her husband, Barry, and her dogs, Angel Fire and Yoda.

Bonus! Nancy will provide free hand-outs at each “Get Hip to Hypnosis” workshop; her book, too, will be available for purchase! Visit Nancy on the World Wide Web now:


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Hypnosis by Telephone!
     Please call now if you need to talk any hour.  Please call if you are grief-filled, lonely, feeling lost, or unloved; please call for relaxation techniques and/or to relieve insomnia or to assuage mental, physical, spiritual or emotional pain.  Hypnosis from the heart, from people who care...
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Rare Offer! Talk Now with Nancy Ava Miller:

FREE 30-minute call with any PEP phone counselor (reg. $89) when you book a conversation with Nancy Ava Miller at her regular rate of $199/hour. Enjoy, with Nancy, empathic, insightful communion; erotic hypnosis; or hypnotherapy to address your psychological and/or sexual concerns, phobias, addictions, dissatisfactions, or to enhance your world in other ways.

Nancy at home any hour:
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Nancy Ava Miller, M.Ed, CHt—certified clinical hypnotherapist, author, BDSM pioneer, founder of PEP—People Exchanging Power—offering kinky fetish support and love since 1986.

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Coming Soon!
Hypno-Writing Workshop!
Power Pages:
The Zen of Poetry, Paragraphs, Publishing
Presented by Nancy Ava Miller, MEd, CHt

Improve your writing and boost your talent by tapping into that vast reservoir of creative intelligence, that infinite well of insight and thought within all of us. Class includes discussion of good versus not-so-good writing, plus group enjoyment of various hypnotic/meditative/relaxation techniques, after which students will pen lively poems and prose to exchange and examine.

Casting about for motivation, encouragement, and useful edification? This unique seminar is for you—the writer, the seeker.

PS: Publishing possibilities considered, time permitting.

Workshop length: 2-3 hours, depending on venue or 2 two-hour classes
For more infomation, please call, any hour, (505) 280-0116.


Who IS Nancy Ava Miller?

Nancy Ava Miller, MEd, CHt, holds a Master’s in Education from University of Maryland, and she taught public school in the Washington, DC area for ten years. A former professional writer/photographer, Nancy is the author of Pervert: Notes from the Sexual Underground, an anthology, almanac, album, memoir, and history of her life in the sex business, with over 101 mostly never before published photographs. Pervert received Honorable Mention for the 2011 National Leather Association Geoff Mains Nonfiction Book Award. In her youth, Nancy followed the Indian guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, around the globe, becoming a teacher of TM—Transcendental Meditation; and she is a certified clinical hypnotherapist to boot.
Nancy dwells in a remote mountain region of New Mexico where she meanders rugged hills with her dogs, meditates, and pens the occasional poem. Her articles and poetry have appeared in numerous publications, including the acclaimed anthology Some Women (Ed. Laura Antoniou, 1997).


Twilight, CHt
(New Mexico)
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Hypnosis and More…
For Life on an Unpredictable Planet…

For what is life but mind and memory, some ephemera of time, the quest for peace, the pursuit of love…  Make your moments on Earth matter.  Arouse the Inner You—your true “Self.”  The Yester-You and Future-You!  Please call Ace or Twilight for hypnotherapy by phone or in-person, including:
  • Relaxation and meditative techniques
  • Sexual Exploration
  • Access to infinite energy, creative intelligence, pure consciousness, and LOVE.
  • Release from:  fear, sorrow, worry, guilt, grief, obsession, compulsion, addiction, procrastination, financial woes, the cycle of obesity.
  • Freedom from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain.

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Nancy Ava Miller, Transcendental Meditation
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Maharishi International University
Fairfield, IA 1976
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